20 Elegant Gyms in London

//20 Elegant Gyms in London

20 Elegant Gyms in London

Gyming is the new trend. Along with health fanatics, people are inspired by the gym looks and mirror selfies, which demands elegant locations hence people opt for the best gym. When you need to gym options in London, then you are blessed and confused with a wide array of options and all are too good. Importance of the gym cannot be denied, but the need for a good gym can never be underrated. Thus here is the list of top 20 gyms of London with the qualities that make it essential for you to hit them soon.

Equinox St. James– It is hands down the best boutique gym in the city. The gym without fail every month brings up some new training methods for fitness or an ad campaign that can make you go gaga over it. Importantly it has complimentary laundry service and has in house cafeteria Munch Fit that gives macros focused meals.

Roar fitness– It is league apart gym as it is the brainchild of three times Olympian Sarah Lindsay. She gives the sportsman approach to the clients to transform their body and get fit. They enroll the clients for a 12-week fitness and nutrition program.

Gymbox– The Gymbox chain of gyms make you feel that you are in a nightclub having a blast and not getting bored, music from the best DJs and the neon light just set the right mood. Descend down a staircase to an underground session and get prepared for the best free weights session. You should also try Aerial acrobatics here.

One LDN– It has the state of art equipment that makes it the premium gym meets boutique fitness studio all under a roof. With the best coaches who could train you for CrossFit and weight lifting, it is a gym that gives you the freedom to choose between classes from HIIT to spin along with the treadmills, free weights, and stationary bikes.

David Lloyd– From the original leisure clubs, David Lloyd offers a huge variety of gym equipment, classes, saunas, and pools. The highlight is that you could finish your workout with a swim session.

The Foundry – The gym offers the best environment for lifting, pushing, and sweating your way through the hands-on workout. Co-founded by a rugby player the gym focuses on sporting ethos and team-work. It tries to reach people from all walks of life and thus offers subsidized training every morning for the retired, single parents, unemployed and full-time students, well this is the true sportsman spirit.

Blok– This is a gym that just not focuses on abs but on all elements of training like recovery, injury prevention, and form. Thus posture alignment, weak knees, and back problems all are sorted, and for this, a bespoke fitness plan is created.

South Kensington Club – Unwinding after a workout is just as crucial as the reps in a tough session. Thus wellness is the prime focus here. It offers signature spa treatment using aquatic therapy to release muscle tension and enhance fluidity and flexibility.

Fitness first baker street– It offers a variety of options so that you do not throw the towel out of boredom. Their range of Olympic classes like Team GB Pro Athlete and Pro Cycling takes the medal or for fun try belly dance, martial arts or a boot camp class.

The Great Outdoor Gym Company– It is free (this is incredible), and it is most eco-forward free gym, for every piece of outdoor gym equipment they plant a tree. Thus all your wellness requirements are looked after. The gyms are located in parks, and under the Sun in the fresh air, you do the gyming and enjoy the bliss of nature without actually spending a penny.

The Gym Wembley– The most affordable and flexible membership gym in London. The state of the art cardio equipment and the selection of classes make it the gym that suits all.

Grace Belgravia– Post-workout nutrition is as important as the workout itself. Grace Belgravia is the only gym that serves the meal-designed fuel that supports your digestive system and helps in your fitness journey. Apart from this, they have spa services by medical experts.

YMCA club– Perhaps the biggest gym in terms of space, it boasts of its 25 pools, sauna, steam and courts for badminton and basketball, with equipment for strength and cardio training. It focuses on bringing everyone together as a community for a fitter life.

Virgin Active Walbrook– It is the most innovative gym that hosts physics-defying, innovative new fitness classes, and it helps the members to push their limits and achieve fitness. They have classes for anti-gravity yoga.

Performance Ground– The gym is about providing science-driven performance coaching and sports therapy in the most conducive environment with the best support from the community that comprises of the expert coaches from the industry of fitness and nutrition. The training here is by utilizing strength, conditioning systems, and nutrition standards.

Six3Nine– The gym focuses on cutting edge science, flexible guidance, and empathy to help them be better and fitter.

Kobox– The trainers will guide you from basics to advance of boxing right from footwork to punches on its aqua bags that are tailor-made for training here. It has a unique setting like that of a nightclub.

Third Space– Workout, play, and rest all at one space, well this luxury health club is all about this. The philosophy here is to make the members feel that it’s their space so that they can train well.

Luxury– Professional athletes provide training in this sleek and industrial looking gym. Sports therapists and osteopaths are here to advise the members of their fitness journey.

DW Fitness First – It is not just a gym but your fitness friend. The gym helps to work on your goals and even let you bring a friend along for getting help in achieving the goal.

The above list is quite intriguing and may drive you out from your couch. So what are you waiting for, go and hit the best gym according to your needs, budget and location.

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