Gym Shield Athlete Elijah

//Gym Shield Athlete Elijah

Gym Shield Athlete Elijah

Gym Shield Athlete Elijah

Hi my name is Elijah. I was born in East London, UK. Currently I am 20 years old with what I believe is an exceptional physique, however I wasn’t always like this. I’m going to tell you my story and the struggles involved.

I was never a big lad, in fact I used to get bullied for my size. I was skinny and due to my height, I was an easy target for those low life bullies. Then life hits me and it gets 10 times worse.

Moving on, a couple of years a go I joined a college called City Gate Way who have their own little gym. I was never bothered about recreational activities, I used to spend my lunch in the gym. I started training daily and even started training after college. I started seeing changes.

I decided to buy my own weights and train at home as well. Before I knew it, I started getting bigger and stronger and ripped. I was always chasing that pump and my life started to have some purpose to it.

I then got into Calisthenics and that’s when it became a different ball game. I am now a qualified personal trainer and my passion is to help others achieve physical fitness goals. Earlier this year I entered my first official UKBFF show which was such a buzz for me and although I didn’t come in the top 3, I will definitely be coming back stronger for my next competition..

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